Your Friendly Hosts

Seriously, you should go to one of Paul’s parties: He’s super friendly.

Paul Reinheimer



Paul has been using computers since his mom sat him in front of a Commodore 64 with a 'Learn to Program' textbook. He's taught PHP, dabbled in Ruby, written a book, and started WonderProxy. His days are occupied trying to talk about "Strategic Vision" with a straight face and building WonderProxy's team and products.

Will Roberts



Will has been fixing computers ever since his family first bought one; breaking things is always the best way to learn! He focuses on maintaining WonderNetwork’s collection of servers and dealing with support in different languages of course! You should ask him why Paul isn’t allowed to buy servers anymore. Will enjoys reading, running, and skiing.

Allison Moore

Technical Writer
& Office Manager


As awesome as she is modest, Allison manages WonderNetwork’s books, maintains customer relationships, codes, and writes copy. A bonafide Master of Information (University of Toronto, 2013), Allison is an information architecture-obsessed technical writer at MongoDB, and spends her evenings blogging & knitting up a storm.

Gemma Anible

Software Engineer


Gemma is a software engineer, video gamer and recovering classical violinist who has been developing PHP web applications since before PHP5 (and applications in C, .NET and Delphi since before then). She and her husband live with their dog in Norway, where they bike around the fjords for fun.

Mari Vihuri

QA Engineer


Mari is a librarian with lots of feelings about user experience and service design. She likes taking on new projects to learn new things, whether that means building province-wide library services or annotating Hamilton lyrics on Genius. Mari spends her downtime in Toronto relearning Estonian, teaching her cat new tricks, and playing board games (badly).

Laura McKewan

Accounts Payable

Presently performing Accounts Payable at WonderProxy part-time. Laura lives on a hobby farm with her husband, 3 Australian Shepherd dogs, and 2 cats. Her hobbies are snowmobiling, going to the gym, lunching with friends, and riding and showing her horse Evie with her daughter.

The Fashionably Helpful

As a growing operation WonderNetwork frequently leans on friends and colleagues for assistance in various ways — if web development was a party, these would be the people who show up early with extra ice and stay late to help with the dishes!

  • Katie Hackos

    Katie is experienced in B2B and B2C sales. Her priority is building strong relationships, understanding consumer needs and offering the correct solution, and sharing the story of WonderProxy. Outside of work, Katie is an athlete and fitness advocate who is a Half-Ironman competitor and enjoys calisthenics and hand-balancing.

  • Ellen Hauser

    Ellen is a musician, legal scholar, and pinball aficionado. She enjoys organizing and filing things, which makes her a great accounts payable human. Ellen enjoys knitting, pinball, pygmy goats, and cuddling her son Max.

  • Caroline Shaw

    Caroline first ventured into the world of HTML & CSS in the era of dial-up, ICQ and Napster. Since then she's embarked on a mission to expand her coding skillz, while dabbling in UI design, SEO and UX. Outside of work you'll find her cycling around Toronto, sipping cocktails and plotting the new matriarchy.

  • Cornelius Quiring @corneliusquiring

    Cornelius Quiring is a web and graphic designer who enjoys the diversity of projects he's tasked with. Whether it's designing a website, illustrating for WonderProxy, or crafting a brochure for print, the creative challenge of the different mediums is what keeps him engaged. Lately he’s been experimenting with creating video content.

  • Fiona McDougall

    Fiona is a designer, mostly for screens. She enjoys creating useful things that look good, and has lately been expanding her skills in copywriting. When she isn't in front of a screen she's probably riding her bike too fast, playing with her needy cat, or digging in her garden.

  • David Todd

    David got his start in technology by disassembling everything around him to understand it better. Today he spends most of his time as a Systems Administrator-turned-Automation Engineer specializing in streamlining IT business processes to free staff to focus on larger scale projects. David lent a hand in during the great HTTP/2 Upgrade of 2019.

  • Tom Riley @tomdriley

    Honoured to cameo at WonderNetwork, Tom helped to make real all of the cool ideas for the WonderProxy Switcher browser extension. He likes anything JavaScript-y and working on software that people enjoy using. He plays a recurring character at where Mrs. Riley is building a UX empire.

  • Bedrich Rios @bedrich

    As talented as he is busy, Bedrich developed the look and feel for the Where’s it Up site (which then grew to be the look for WonderNetwork itself), as well as providing a quick hand on various small projects. Bedrich is kept quite busy being a Fictive Kinsfolk.

  • Avery James Brooks @averybrooks

    As fast a developer as he is skilled, Avery has been instrumental in making the various WonderNetwork pages have a cohesive look and feel, and making Paul and Will look good. When not busy working as a Senior Developer for Radical Media in New York City or doing freelance work, Avery writes and plays music. He has fantastic hair, is surprisingly unfindable on the internets, and shares his name with the actor who played Captain Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek DS9. Check out his awesomely mysterious website at, and follow his tweets at @averybrooks.

  • Andrei Zmievski @a

    As efficient as he is wise, Andrei stepped in to help us get Natural Load Testing ready for its Brooklyn Beta launch in October 2011. Andrei lives in San Francisco, where he’s working on a cool new project at AppDynamics and enjoys everything Bay Area has to offer.

  • Richard Orelup @ripsup

    As gifted as he is helpful, Richard wrote the bulk of the initial javascript that made Natural Load Testing possible, saving Paul hours and hours of pacing and hair-pulling and grumpiness. By day, Richard is an Application Developer at Valparaiso University in Indiana. His Facebook profile pic indicates that he has an adorable cat.