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Where’s it Up API  —  Includes Where’s it Fast data

Leveraging the success of our Where’s it Fast site, we’ve incorporated the data into the Where’s it Up API. Now users are able to leverage the PhantomJS tool to determine page speed information from global locations programatically. Take a look at the API Documentation for more details.

Where’s it Fast?

As a follow up to our Where’s it Up tool, we’re proud to announce our new Where’s it Fast site. With Where’s it Fast you’re able to check page load speed from around the world in an easy to digest format that compares apples to apples from different locations.

Our web tool is currently free, and checks from multiple global locations on each run. We’re planning on integrating Where’s it Fast into our Where’s it Up? API in the near future for programatic access.

Where’s it Up?: Now with Added API Goodness

At WonderNetwork we’re pleased to announce our latest product offering for making sure your applications are working, your servers are performing, and networks are routable: the Where’s it Up API!

Building on our original design for Where’s it Up, which allowed the curious to check where a website was ‘up’ in various locations around the world, the new Where’s it Up API allows developers to programatically access those checks and integrate them into their monitoring software. No more will you wake up in the night wondering if your European users are enjoying your services; no more will you wring your hands during your morning run concerned that your Asian users might be without your glorious offerings!

Where’s it Up? Free

Examining the usage of Where’s it Up, and it’s use to the Internet at large, we’ve decided to make the web product free and work on other systems to assist system administrators everywhere. We’ve deprecated the pro. domain and are now presenting all available features at

Natural Load Testing Enters Beta Testing

WonderNetwork is pleased to announce our Natural Load Testing tool! Our tool offers a more realistic test of your website; test suites are created by recording a session with your browser and then our server replays that session in real-time in order to simulate users.

We are currently looking for developers interested in testing their website with our tool. If you run a website and would like to see how well it performs under load, please Sign Up!

Where’s it Up Pro: Free for a Limited Time!

Our commercial network testing tool is currently available for free for a limited time. Want to know if your DNS records are propagating correctly and whether your customers around the world are reaching the closest server to them? Where’s it Up - Pro is the solution you’ve been looking for.

WonderVPN Now Available!

You never know who’s listening when you’re using that free Wi-Fi, why not protect yourself with a VPN? WonderVPN offers cheap VPN accounts with exit points in both the United States and the United Kingdom.