A Note on the Door

Worth leaning closer to read

Words to live by

WonderNetwork is more than a company, it represents hundreds of hours of effort on the part of its founders, a solution to problems for its customers, a place of employment for its staff and contractors, and — while lacking a corporeal form — it’s a citizen of the Internet. For all these reasons and more it’s important that it behave well in all company. Most things are worth more than making another dollar; let’s not lose sight of that.

  • Don’t use noreply@: Customers deserve an easy way to contact us.
  • Give Refunds: Customers deserve a working product, or their money back. The time and emotional energy spent arguing with a dissatisfied customer would be better spent improving the product.
  • Make the Internet Better: The world deserves a fantastic information sharing network: strive to make it better, not worse. Don’t spam, astro-turf, black or grey hat SEO, etc..
  • Transparency: Once sold, services belong to the customer: they have the right to be in the loop when things are happening.
  • Give answers, not Questions: When systems contact customers they have all the information. Share that with the customer, rather than forcing them to try and decipher what’s happening.

You can reach paul or will via email if you have any questions.