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Check where your site is up around the world

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Know where your site is up:

  • Using our network of servers you can be sure if your website is up throughout the world
  • Simply type in a URL and select the global locations you’re interested in

Awesome key features:

  • Harnesses servers around the world
  • Local DNS resolution on each server
  • Reports IP and timing information
  • Follows a reasonable number of redirects

Here are some nice things our users have said about us:

I just saved a LOT of panic when my local router/DNS cache got confused, by using http://pro.wheresitup.com Thanks @wonderproxy @preinheimer.
twitter avatar for coates Sean Coates
Checking if the Quebec student loans website is down with Where’s It Up? is way easier than phoning them.
Allison Moore
Is this why you don’t call more?
Carol Dixon (Paul’s Mom)