Security on the go for the mobile worker

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Why you need a VPN:

  • Tools like Firesheep can easily steal your credentials when connected to an unsecure network
  • A VPN creates a secure connection between your computer and our server, protecting you from people sniffing around your unsecured wireless network trying to steal your data, capture your passwords, or maliciously edit the pages you view.
  • Even if you surf sites using SSL, tools like instant messengers, mail, and other apps may send easily intercepted passwords.

Protect yourself on the go:

  • Prevent nefarious characters from accessing your credentials
  • Lets you keep working while on the road
  • Access to VPN servers in the US and UK

Easier and more awesome than the alternatives:

  • Sets up in minutes
  • Uses your native OS client (no additional installs)
  • Easy instructions for Windows and Mac

Here’s what some of our happy users have said about us!

VPN service from @wonderproxy to the rescue again!
twitter avatar for @grmpyprogrammer Chris Hartjes
I’m using @wonderproxy VPN on my iPad and iPhone over the wifi at #mongodbAtlanta. w00t!.
twitter avatar for @ramsey Ben Ramsey
I might have to say this every single week. @wonderproxy VPN service saves the day yet again.
twitter avatar for @davidcoallier David Coallier